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#7404 JET BUR FG (5)

#7404 JET BUR FG (5)

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FG 7404 Egg Shaped Trimming & Finishing 5pk All Beavers Jet Burs have been produced to comply to the most exacting standards and subjected to rigorous quality control. Each bur in the bulk packaging has a special protective plastic cap PROTECT-O-TIP on the tungsten carbide rotary cutting part to protect the blades from possible damage to ensure that you receive the bur just as Beavers produced it. The shank of each bur is nickel plated to protect against corrosion and to provide a firm grip in the handpiece chuck. The Regular Burs have six blades with the mandrel plated in nickel and are available in types: FG: Friction Grip; FGSS: Friction Grip Short Shank; LA: Latch; HP: Straight Handpiece. The Trimming and Finishing Burs (12 blades) the Fine Finishing Burs (30 blades) and the Fine Cross Cut Burs have shanks in gold for easy identification. They are available in the FG type.
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