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GOROKAN dentist Tony Collins put his invaluable skills to the ultimate test earlier this year by ­volunteering in the slums of Madagascar.

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Tooth decay: Kids’ dental health crisis

THE number of preschoolers in NSW having to have mouthfuls of rotten teeth removed is soaring.

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DENTAL experts have flagged concerns that “extremist” anti-fluoride groups could pressure more regional councils into removing the naturally occurring compound from drinking water.

Australian Dental Association chief fluoride expert Dr Michael Foley raised the concerns after two councils recently decided to stop adding it to the water supply.

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IDS 2017 to showcase latest in 3-D printing and dental practice hygiene

COLOGNE, Germany: In 200 days’ time, Cologne will become the capital of the dental world again when the International Dental Show (IDS) is held for the 37th time. During the 2017 show, a number of topics will be highlighted. For example, visitors will be able to learn more about 3-D printing technologies, which have gained increasing importance in recent years. Another focus of the event will be hygiene and infection control in the dental practice.

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Indian dentist eyes world record with a collection of 10,000 teeth

People have hobbies which include collecting different things, for some stamps are the object of their fancy, while others might be captivated by a love for coins, shoes or any other item.

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Tomorrow's Prosthetic Implants May Be Made of This New Titanium Alloy

It's not Wolverine's Adamantium, but it's pretty damn close. Scientists have just developed a new hyper-strong metal alloy that's perfect for biomedical implants.

"It is about three to four times harder than most steels... and four times harder than pure titanium, which is what's currently being used in most dental implants and replacement joints," says Emilia Morosan, a physicist at Rice University in Texas, who lead the team of biomedical engineers and materials scientists that created the new alloy. The scientists unveiled their new metal this week in the journal Science Advances.

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Julian Oey’s 10 years of stargazing has been rewarded with a binary asteroid named after him

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A new clinic at St George, in Queensland's southern inland, will not only provide dental services to the community but also cultural practice training to dental students.

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Brisbane dental students run volunteer clinic in indigenous community

BRISBANE, Australia: The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in Cherbourg, South-East Queensland has been lacking access to a dentist for several years—the closest dental clinic is an hour away and has a waiting list of over two years. In order to provide the indigenous community with vital oral health services, Michael Baker, a final year dental student at Griffith University in Brisbane, and a group of his fellow students visit Cherbourg regularly to run dental clinics at the local health service.

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Traditional treatment of tooth decay is outdated, Australian study finds

SYDNEY, Australia: Researchers from the University of Sydney have found that tooth decay can be stopped, reversed and prevented without the traditional “drill and fill” approach that has dominated dental care for decades. Acknowledging the outcomes of the seven-year study, the researchers called for a general shift towards preventive measures in early caries treatment.

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