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Dental Board of Australia calls for registration renewal

MELBOURNE, Australia: Under the national law, dental practitioners in Australia must renew their registration with the Dental Board of Australia annually. As the process has to be completed by 30 November, the board has called upon dentists to apply as soon as possible. In case of a registration lapse, the dentist will be removed from the national register effective from 1 January 2016.

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ADX16 opens next sales release

SYDNEY, Australia: The organisers of the 2016 Australian Dental Exhibition (ADX16) have encouraged dental companies to secure their exhibition space at Australia’s premier dental event. They have reported having already sold close to 95 per cent of exhibition booths in the first sales release. ADX16 will take place from 18 to 20 March 2016 and is expected to draw a record number of dentists and allied oral health care professionals.

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SYDNEY, Australia: The Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) has advised the government panel currently reviewing medical device regulation in Australia to strengthen the regulatory framework for dental laboratory products. In particular, ADIA pointed out that there is a need for an obligatory statement of manufacture to be provided to patients and retained by dentists.

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Wine wears down teeth quicker than previously thought

ADELAIDE, Australia: Wine lovers may seriously harm their teeth if they do not take preventative measures against erosion, new research from the University of Adelaide suggests. According to an article published in the latest edition of the Australian Dental Journal, demineralisation occurs as early as 10 minutes after enamel has been exposed to the organic acids of the beverage.

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NDF aims for world record on World Oral Health Day

SYDNEY, Australia: The National Dental Foundation (NDF) has called for volunteers for its attempt at a world record for the most voluntary dentistry performed in one day on World Oral Health Day, which will be celebrated on 20 March 2015. To reach this target, the NDF is holding a National Day of Action and is inviting dental practices across Australia to participate by providing dental care to those most in need.

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Number of Australian Dentists increases slightly

SYDNEY, Australia: The Dental Board of Australia recently released the country’s latest dental workforce statistics. The report shows that the number of registered dental practitioners rose only slightly in comparison to the 2013 figures. However, there has been a significant increase in oral health therapists.

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Dentists develop Saliva test for Lung cancer

LOS ANGELES, USA: Dental researchers have developed a novel technology that can detect mutations characteristic of lung cancer in saliva. In a series of tests, the researchers were able to demonstrate that detecting such mutations in saliva using the new method was as effective as testing with plasma. Thus, they believe it could be a noninvasive, cost-effective and rapid alternative to conventional test approaches.

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Australian Dentists prepare for 2015 congress in Brisbane

BRISBANE, Australia: The Australian Dental Association has held the Australian Dental Congress in various capital cities of the country since 1907. The 36th congress will be held from 25 to 29 March 2015 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. In addition to the main scientific programme and exhibition, registrants will have the opportunity to attend a range of hands-on workshops and Lunch and Learn Sessions.

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Health authorities voice concerns about oral health trends in Australia

CANBERRA, Australia: According to the Oral Health and Dental Care in Australia: Key Facts and Figures Trends 2014 report, which was published at the beginning of this week, oral health and dental care overall have improved in Australia over the past decades. However, the report also suggests that some positive trends in this area have either plateaued or begun to move in a negative direction.

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Dental researchers issue warning

ADELAIDE, Australia: For the first time, researchers at the University of Adelaide have been able to demonstrate that high-acidity drinks, such as soft drinks, fruit juice and sports drinks, can cause permanent damage to tooth enamel even within the first 30 seconds of acid attacks. Thus, the researchers warned parents, in particular, to avoid such drinks in their children’s diet

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