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SYDNEY, Australia: The Australian Dental Association and the Australian Dental Students Association have launched a campaign to raise awareness about the oversupply of dentists and dental practitioners. Both organisations have called on the Australian government to act on dental student numbers.

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CANBERRA, Australia: According to the latest information published by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), people living in remote areas and with lower household income have poorer oral health compared with other Australians. The national agency reported that dental health and dental visiting patterns are affected by remoteness and socio-economic status.

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$1000 Free dental for eligible kids every 2 years

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is providing $1000 of free dental benefits to eligible children.

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What Chimpanzees Can Teach Us About Tooth Development And Weaning

For more than two decades, scientists have relied on studies that linked juvenile primate tooth development with their weaning as a rough proxy for understanding similar developmental landmarks in the evolution of early humans.

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Biological Tooth Replacement Is a Step Closer

The research is led by Professor Paul Sharpe, an expert in craniofacial development and stem cell biology at King's College London and published in the Journal of Dental Research. Research towards achieving the aim...

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Gum Disease Found to Worsen Infection in Animal Model of AIDS

Texas Biomed scientists in San Antonio have found that moderate gum disease in an animal model exposed to an AIDS- like virus had more viral variants causing infection and greater inflammation...

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Your Molar roots are stuck in your past.

TALK about exploring your roots. Longer lifespans mean our adult teeth erupt later than they did in our early ancestors, but the memo didn't make it to the roots of our molars. They develop at the same pace as they did in Homo erectus.

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Silver nanoparticles might help fight dental diseases

Yeasts that induce mouth infections might be destroyed using silver nanoparticles inside the laboratory, scientists in Portugal have found. The researchers desire to test silver nanoparticles in mouth clean and veneers...                                            

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Novel Method to Enhance Gum Healing

A new method developed by scientists makes use of bovine collagen to enhance gum healing.

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A prehistoric tooth with a cavity filled by beeswax.

An international team of scientists have uncovered the earliest evidence of a technology we take for granted now – fillings for cavities. The archaeologists found evidence for a possible filling in a 6,500 year-old jaw that was found in Slovenia.

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