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Germiphene Gleam II - concentrated ultrasonic cleaning solution with triple surfactants. EFFECTIVE:  Concentrated non-ammoniated formulation specifically developed for optimal cleaning efficiency of your ultrasonic cleaning units. Triple surfactants clean away lipids starches & inorganic debris & prevents them from redepositing.  Bacteriostatic. Formulated to remove proteinaceous and other organic matter from dental instruments. Convenient:  Easy to use packaging- simply tip the 2L Tip N Measure bottle to fill the upper chamber with desired amount and pour into ultrasonic tank. This unique dispensing system prevents wastes and spills.  Concentrated formula results in less storage space and less waste into our landfills. Refill your 2L bottle using our 10L refill for cost savings and to help eliminate extra waste into our environment.  Concentrated formula dilutes 1 part of concentrate with 10 parts water (100mL makes 1L of solution).  GLEAM II smells great- pleasant clean scent. safe  Contains special corrosion inhibitors that will NOT harm stainless steel instruments hard plastics rubber or glass.  Safe to use in all types of ultrasonic cleaning units.  Solution can be disposed via the sink.
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