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Germiphene Gzyme 3 - Triple Enzymatic Triple Surfactant Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution.  Triple enzyme cleaner penetrates and removes organic matter from endoscopes and medical and dental instruments minimising the need to clean by hand. Bacteriostatic.  Three in one solution can be used as an instrument presoak ultrasonic detergent and as a linen presoak. Convenient.  The concentrated formula comes in an easy to use 1L self-dispensing twin-neck bottle. This packaging means less waste from spills less storage space and less plastics into the environment.  ONLY 10mL of solution per 4L of water. 1L of GZYME3 = 400 litres of cleaning solution. Extremely cost effective. fast.  Begins to loosen and dissolve proteinaceous deposits in less than one minute. safe.  Non-corrosive low foaming and compatible with most metals plastics and rubber. Neutral pH is mild on instruments.  Safe to use in all types of ultrasonic cleaning units. Leaves no residue on instruments or ultrasonic cleaning tank. No foaming no foul odour.  Formulated from biodegradable materials solution can be disposed of via the sink. 1 litre makes 400 litres of ultrasonic cleaning solution. 3 enzymes
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