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3M ESPE Sectional Matrix Plus Retainer System builds on the excellent performance of the original 3M ESPE Sectional Matrix System. Consisting of new stronger rings and longer length anatomically contoured bands the 3M ESPE Sectional Matrix Plus Retainer System delivers best-in-class tooth separating power and provides you with a system that delivers tight predictable contacts on posterior Class II composites. Indications:  Posterior Class II Composites Product Benefits:  Best-in-class tooth separating force - New patent-pending reinforced stainless steel rings now demonstrate nearly twice the amount of tooth-separating force.  Greater ring resiliency - New plastic over-mold provides added reinforcement prevents ring deformation and increases ring life.  Excellent gripping power - Burnished tine tips for superior gripping minimise ring spring-offs!  Easy placement - Small tine tips allow easy placement less flash reduced clean-up.  Versatile - Two tine lengths colour-coded for easier identification.  Naturally contoured longer bands for easier placement and wide embrasures. 9904STA Sectional Matrix Plus G-Ring - Standard Length Tines (2) .
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