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3M ClinproT White Varnish topical fluoride now with an innovative tri-calcium phosphate (TCP) technology that delivers more protection to the teeth and helps relieve sensitivity. In clinical studies Clinpro White Varnish has been shown to flow more than competing varnishes meaning that it can reach more places and deliver more fluoride to the teeth. Plus Clinpro White Varnish with TCP: Releases Calcium Relieves Hypersensitivity. Takes just seconds to paint on Sets rapidly in the presence of saliva Flows better interproximally and across tooth surfaces than other brands tested* Contains 22600 ppm Fluoride. Clinpro White Varnish - Easy to use & works like magic 3M ESPE ClinproT White Varnish with TCP is a fluoridated clear varnish for treatment of hypersensitive teeth; it is appropriate for use on both enamel and dentine. It is moisture and saliva-tolerant; consequently it flows smoothly on moist teeth and binds firmly to their surfaces. The treatment may be applied after routine professional tooth cleaning or scaling and rootplaning. However this is not a prerequisite; the area to be treated only needs to be \"toothbrush clean\". Most of all your patients will appreciate the pleasant taste of Clinpro white varnish which has a fresh flavour of mint. Xylitol is used as a sweetener. 12249 ClinproT White Varnish 50 Pack-Mint Flavor Includes: 50 unit-dose blister packets (0.5ml each) and applicator brushes in individual foil pouches; 1 patient pad; 60 dosage stickers; Technique Card
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