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Helioseal© Helioseal© F Helioseal© Clear Light-curing resin-based fissure sealants for the preventive sealing of pits and fissures using the enamel etching technique. The new ergonomically shaped syringe fits snugly in the palm of the hand and therefore allows the sealants to be dosed and applied more accurately than previous versions of the products. Helioseal: White-shaded sealant that permits easy control during application and at recalls. Helioseal F: White-shaded sealant with additional fluoride release. Helioseal Clear: Transparent sealant for excellent esthetic results and easy monitoring of fissures in case of doubt. Advantages: - Ergonomic design of the syringe. - Precise application the basis for top quality sealing results. - Well-proven in many years of clinical use 5009 Helioseal Refill Cavifils 50 x 0.1 g 543793
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