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SOFLEX DISC #1981C (85)

SOFLEX DISC #1981C (85)

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Sof-LexT Finishing and Polishing Systems - An easy-to-use color-coded system designed to simplify your finishing and polishing procedures. Sof-Lex discs combine a flexible backing with a round eyelet and low-profile mandrel to yield increased usable abrasive surfaces. Sof-Lex finishing and polishing discs are available in a variety of sizes and grits. Indications  Finishing and polishing composites ceramics and glass ionomer dental restorations. Product Benefits  Easy-to-use Sof-Lex finishing and polishing system allows you to create high-luster restorations that offer lifelike esthetics.  Discs are color-coded to allow for easy identification of grit sequence.  Pop-on disc technology makes changing discs easier to save you time.  Pop-on discs conform to the contours of the teeth for easier finishing and polishing.  Extra thin (XT) discs allow for easier access to interproximal surfaces while offering a slightly stiffer disc 1981C Refills: 85 x 9.5mm Coarse . 1981C
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