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INSIGHT Dental Film is fast intraoral x-ray film* that reduces exposure to radiation up to 60 percent compared to D-speed films. An F-speed film when processed in roller-transport automatic dental processors. It incorporates patented KODAK T-GRAIN Emulsion Technology for excellent image quality without sacrificing speed. KODAK INSIGHT Dental Film accommodates a wide range of processing conditions and is exceptionally tolerant of process variations. Factors such as the age of chemistry are less likely to impact image quality. As a result dentists can now choose a faster film speed to reduce radiation exposures without significant reengineering of processing practices. KK116 9143 Kodak Insight IO-41 Size 4 Dental Film Kodak Insight Dental Film Occlusal No. 4 (std) (2-1/4x3 in) Paper Packets 25 1-Film Packets IO-41
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