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KK835 3492D Kodak Film TMAT OPG 18 X 24 100 sheets/box KODAK T-MAT G/RA Film A high-contrast green-sensitive film featuring outstanding resolution. Its pre-hardened emulsion allows it to be processed in KODAK LE Plus Developer either in a standard processor or KODAK X-OMAT RA Processor in the 38 second K/RA cycle. However the film also retains the flexibility to be processed in Rapid or Standard cycles using KODAK RP X-OMAT Chemicals. This film is the prime choice for general radiography and where high definition is needed such as extremity radiography. KODAK T-MAT RA Films are designed for use with KODAK LANEX Screens and X-OMAT Cassettes for maximum diagnostic accuracy with a minimum of radiation exposure.
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