About Us

We’ve been supplying Australian dentists for more than a quarter of a century. Since 1990. That’s when three of the industry’s most experienced sales agents – Phillip Brown, Ray Smith and David MacNaughtan – decided to found a dental supply company that would do things differently. A company that would go beyond mere sales, and actually customise its service to each individual client.

Today, that approach is still at the heart of everything we do. We’re still privately owned, the original management team are still at the helm, and service still comes first in our Company Mission:
"To be the best in our industry by providing exceptional service, reliability and value for money."

Over the years, we’ve worked with thousands of dental professionals who - we’re proud to say - are still loyal customers today. Our long standing customers think of us as a partner, not just a supplier. They value the relationship and the peace of mind they get from our proactive advice, quality products, competitive pricing and reliable supply.

Our entire product range - from cosmetic to surgical - is available for online ordering, and it’s all shipped from our central distribution warehouse in Castle Hill, Sydney. Of course, we can arrange a mobile sales consultant to meet with you so that you get expert advice about our products before you buy.

What we stand for.

We stand for easier dentisty

Running a dental practice can be complex and difficult. So at Dentavision, we see it as our role to make things easier for you. Indeed, that’s our promise.

To deliver on this promise, we do a lot of things differently…

Firstly, despite being one of the largest dental supply companies in Australia, we remain 100% privately owned, and we still have our original management team at the helm. This means we can adapt our business to your needs quickly, and continually invest in helping improve how we do things.

It also means the values that set us apart when we first started out, back in 1990, still set us apart today. Most important of these values is our commitment to customer service. Dentavision was founded on the desire to provide tailored customer service, not just sales, and that continues to be our focus more than 25 years later.

We appreciate that no two dental practices are the same, so we work directly with our clients to provide the most relevant solutions that will deliver the longest-term value.

And because of this personalised approach, because we take the time to discuss things with our clients, we understand very clearly what you need day-to-day to run your practice. And how much of it you need. We provide proactive guidance on everything from new products to maintaining optimum stock levels. So you’re never alone.

Just as importantly, we source the most reliable products (from Australian manufacturers, whenever possible, but also from around the world), and we maintain large stock quantities at our state-of-the-art Sydney warehouse.

This means we can offer competitive pricing and fast, reliable delivery. We provide regular training for our staff too, so they know our products and how they can help you, day-to-day. Plus, we make sure we keep you up to date with the latest developments in the industry. Of course, as a proud member of the ADIA, all our products comply with Australian regulatory requirements too.

Our Mission

To some companies, a mission statement is just something warm and fuzzy they had written the last time they updated their website or needed something to fill an empty wall at head office. To us, it’s a lot more than that. It’s the focus of our entire business. It’s everything we do, everything we are, and our entire reason for being. And it has a very real impact on our day to day operations.

Our Mission: "To be the best in our industry by providing exceptional service, reliability and value for money."

In addition:

  • To exceed customer expectations in both value and service.
  • To make a difference.
  • To provide customers with all their dental needs through developing teamwork and dental technical expertise.
  • To provide customer satisfaction by ensuring our team are thoroughly trained and that they follow through with any queries.
  • To provide flexible, efficient solutions and peace of mind.
  • To supply products and services that are second to none in the dental industry.

By incorporating all facets of dentistry,
we set the standard for personalised service and deliver a positive,
unmatched experience for our clients.

Our Service

Our service is every bit as important as our products

Over the last quarter of a century, we’ve earned a reputation for service quality. For taking the time to find out exactly what your practice needs in order to run smoothly, and for going above and beyond to deliver it.

That’s because we see ourselves as far more than a supplier of products. We’re a provider of efficiencies. From the top down, the Dentavision imperative is to make it easier for you to run your practice. To identify the most appropriate dental supplies for your business, to deliver them quickly and reliably, and to proactively offer guidance to help you maintain optimum stock levels.

We offer a broad range of products from all the major manufacturers, and we maintain excess stock levels on core lines to ensure we’re never out of stock and can deliver fast.

Your order is dispatched the day we receive it, and our trusted network of couriers guarantees a speedy delivery every time - usually within 3 business days.

Naturally we provide the most competitive pricing too - without compromising on quality. We’ll never knowingly be undercut on price, so you can be assured you’re always buying the best products for the lowest possible investment.

Perhaps most importantly, we remain abreast of all the latest industry trends and advances, so you don’t have to. We make it our business to keep you up-to-date with any new developments or product innovations, and will always proactively offer advice on how they can best benefit your specific practice.


Ordering made easy!

With Dentavision, ordering is incredibly easy. In fact, you can order however you like. If you usually order over the phone, great, let’s do that. If you like to have someone visit you, excellent, let’s make an appointment.

Or if you prefer the efficiency of an online ordering system that remembers your favourites and previous orders, and highlights current specials and the latest market information, we have you covered there too.

We’re here to make running your practice easier, and that starts with the ordering process. So no matter how you like to do things, we’ll accommodate you. But regardless of your preference, two things remains the same.

Once we receive your order, we usually ship it within 24 hours. So no long waits. And whether your order’s big or small, you won’t pay freight costs. We never charge for delivery.

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Units 2-4, 10 Anella Avenue Castle Hill, NSW, 2154

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