A new clinic at St George, in Queensland's southern inland, will not only provide dental services to the community but also cultural practice training to dental students.

The partnership between the University of Queensland and Goondir Health Services will offer rural placement for fifth year UQ dental students and provide a four chair dental clinic in the town.

Goondir Health Services said it would address a shortage of dental services in the district.

Executive officer Louise Sanderson said construction was due for completion in August.

"It certainly will fill that gap," she said.

"In 2014 we actually did a survey amongst our clients and dental health was the biggest issue that they had and access to dental facilities was their concern there.

"If you've got a dental problem then it will result in pain, limited function and in the worst cases you can be hospitalised.

"Every semester Floyd Leedie, who is the CEO of Goondir, takes the dental students across ... Cherbourg and provides them with the history of Aboriginal communities and how the history has impacted on today's health.

"It's really important to understand where people have come from and why they're currently experiencing the current not only health issues but social issues as well."