MELBOURNE, Australia: Under the national law, dental practitioners in Australia must renew their registration with the Dental Board of Australia annually. As the process has to be completed by 30 November, the board has called upon dentists to apply as soon as possible. In case of a registration lapse, the dentist will be removed from the national register effective from 1 January 2016.


The board also reminded dental practitioners to carefully read the registration standards, which specify the profession’s standards of practice, before making the required declarations in their application for renewal of registration.

The board requires dental practitioners on the specialist register to maintain both general and specialist registration. Dentists or dental specialists who use conscious sedation in their practice must have endorsed registration. More information about conscious sedation is available on the board’s website,

Dentists who fail to renew their registration by 30 November can submit their application until 31 December, but will be charged a late-payment fee. A fee schedule is available on the board’s website.

Online renewal of registration for dental practitioners registered in Australia is still open. Last year, 97.6 per cent of all health practitioner registration renewals due by 30 November were submitted online.