Dentavision customer service lady Michelle Butler has a secret double life racing speedboats. Michelle passion started 3 years ago in a 17ft Everingham 5.2Litre called “Nightmare”. Since that beginning Michelle has competed with many club competitions successfully for quite some time now. Michelle’s most recent race was the 2012 Bridge to Bridge race which spanned 112KM from the Brooklyn bridge to the Windsor bridge. Michelle hosted the only all-girl team competing and managed to win her class in a race running it in 50Minutes. The boat managed speeds of up to 137 Kilometres an hour gaining the Fastest woman to compete award. Thankfully for Dentavision, Michelle generally drive to work a whole lot slower.

Picture is of her boat Nightmare.


Video of Michelle racing


I started Racing 3 years ago in a 17ft Everingham Hull 5.2ltr Carby boat called Nightmare. I have competed in many club days with placing many times over the years. My most recent race was the 2012 Bridge to Bridge which is a 112km race from Brooklyn Bridge to Windsor Bridge. We were the only all girl team to participate and we won our class and did it in 50minutes which averaged a speed of 84-85mph (roughly 137kph). We also received the fastest woman to compete award.