SYDNEY, Australia: The National Dental Foundation (NDF) has called for volunteers for its attempt at a world record for the most voluntary dentistry performed in one day on World Oral Health Day, which will be celebrated on 20 March 2015. To reach this target, the NDF is holding a National Day of Action and is inviting dental practices across Australia to participate by providing dental care to those most in need.


The event aims to raise awareness of the NDF’s mission to help those less fortunate and to highlight the Australian dental community’s involvement in philanthropic endeavours in local communities. With its participation in a Guinness World Records attempt, the organisation hopes to rally support for its pro bono dental care programmes.

“This year, we have decided to assemble as many dental professionals and patients as we can, at multiple sites around Australia—with the aim of delivering more treatments on one day than we ever have before. To add to the excitement, we are aiming to create a new Australian record highlighting the generosity of dentists and the dental industry in supporting some of those most in need in society,” explained Dr David Digges, National Chairman of the NDF.

In conjunction with World Oral Health Day, the NDF is looking to co-ordinate as many of its Dental Rescue Days across Australia as possible within one joint National Day of Action. NDF’s Dental Rescue Days are organised in collaboration with major registered charities working with the homeless, street kids and others in need.

Dental practices that would like to volunteer for the event can contact the NDF. The organisation will then get in touch with local charities to look for patients, people who are genuinely in need and have chronic dental issues. On the day of the event, the volunteering dental practices just have to provide the basic dental treatment to the local patients in need.

The NDF is a charitable organisation that facilitates the provision of pro bono dental treatment to those who cannot access proper dental care. The organisation is supported by the wider dental industry and several Australian dental associations and is dependent on the active participation of volunteer dentists and dental assistants.