People have hobbies which include collecting different things, for some stamps are the object of their fancy, while others might be captivated by a love for coins, shoes or any other item.

But an Indian dentist from Abu Dhabi in UAE has a very peculiar collection, which has now brought him close to making it to record books. What started off as a professional necessity for Dr Nizar Abdul Rahman, has now resulted in a collection of 10,000 teeth.

The dentist, who is now eyeing a spot in the Limca Book of Records and a Guinness World Record, started preserving teeth to convince people, since locals were apprehensive of less experienced dentists. He preserves the teeth at a hospital and keeps them in hydrogen peroxide.

But the dentist who has a huge collection of teeth, does not advise people to go for extraction, he told Khaleej Times, "I always suggest my patients all ways to save teeth. It's only after following all precautionary measures that we finally go for extraction,” he added, "Students contact me for teeth. They need it for practical exam and need to fill natural teeth."

Nizar’s wife Simi Nizar is also a dentist and has joined her husband by collecting teeth by herself, although she doesn’t have a big collection of teeth.